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About Us


JAW was founded by a group of like-minded cyclists, triathletes and marathon runners, and supported by a well-established clothes manufacturing holding company. Our goals are to create stylish sports apparel and accessories with the finest highly functional materials while providing a customized service for passionate and uncompromising teams that focus on individual sports.

JAW was founded by athletes, so we are committed to listening to athletes too. We keep record of all feedback and make it the basis for improving our products and services in a way similar to personal training, which keeps us moving forward and challenging ourselves.


JAW sources first-class functional material from world-class fabric and component suppliers. We work closely with our fabric manufacturers to develop multi-functional materials. We aim to enhance the performance, functionality, safety and comfort of our sportswear, so our customers can maximize their potential in both training and competition.


Most JAW tailored garments range from fit to stretchy to reduce unnecessary tailoring and seaming. We adopt excellent elastane fabric to enhance sports performance and reduce wind resistance. We hope to make JAW wearers look both fresh and energetic with our streamline designs. Our garments are designed by in-house talented designers in conjunction with free-lance artists. We use thermal-dye transfer printing to endow our products with more possibilities and characteristics. Canˇt find the design you like? Donˇt forget our customer service. Our representatives are very pleased to assist you in the process of producing the garment you would like specially made for you and/or your team.


Most JAW products are sourced from fabric suppliers that are committed to environmental protection. Our major suppliers have obtained certification for ˉConfidence in Textilesˇ and bluesignR. Parts of our clothing are made with recycled components. Our products are produced in friendly and quality factories, packed reasonably and simply. We also try to deliver them to customers as directly as possible to cut down transport mileage.

JAW sponsorship focuses on minority groups, such as physically disabled athletes and disadvantaged children. We insist that sport belongs to everybody and this shouldnˇt be any different due to external conditions.


JAW was founded by a group of athletes and partners that are passionate about sport. We understand how strongly-bonded teammates feel living, training and taking on challenges together. No matter how different the levels are, when wearing the same team garment, we are a team with one goal. Most JAW products are available for custom order: from performance race clothes and durable training garments to after-race leisure T-shirts, JAW can create a unique design for your club or team to strengthen friendship and comradeship.

JAW, made with passion for sports, evolving with passion for athletes. We will march on fearlessly and nonstop with you.